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Adress: 8761 Southwest 146th Place, Dunnellon, Florida 34432
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Monday 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
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Reviews of Linda's Enchanted Florist
1 / 5
KittyCatSnack, Feb, 23 2020
If I could give NEGATIVE stars I would. My husband is out of town for 3 months now, training for his new job. I am 18 weeks pregnant. On Wednesday we found out the gender of our baby, a boy. Huge deal for us. My husband ordered a bouquet, a vase, a $6 mylar balloon saying It's A Boy through 1-800 Flowers for me as a surprise. The bouquet he ordered consisted of at least half a dozen peach roses, blue delphiniums, carnations, daises, white monte casino flowers. Gorgeous on the website. When my doorbell rang, and I saw the delivery guy holding my vase of flowers, I immediately knew that they weren't correct. The bouquet I received was almost like an arrangement from Walmart. 3 orange looking roses, a bunch of daises, and majority filler flowers like stems with leaves on them, and those green filler flowers, etc. The balloon was also a basic flower design, not anything to do with my baby. I texted photos to my husband, who immediately said that it was not what he ordered. He contacted 1-800 Flowers, showed them what I received, and what he had ordered. They immediately said it was unacceptable, and gave a refund. Then the rep from 1-800 Flowers personally called me to apologize. Great customer service on their end. I mean the value of what was delivered to me, and what my husband ordered was drastically different, and cheap.
About 10 or 15 minutes after this, the delivery man from the florist returned to my house, and demanded the flowers back!! It's not even that I wanted to keep this sad excuse of a flower arrangement, but the audacity that I was treated like I was trying to steal them! I tried to show him what my husband purchased on my phone, and my husband was on my phone headset listening the whole time, and was furious. The delivery guy laughed in my face. I cannot believe the level of disrespect, and LOW level of customer service. This florist is the one that messed up, but then to come back and berate a pregnant person, and laugh at them while acting like I'm the failure here? Unbelievable!
My husband has ordered flowers for me MANY times over our 12 year relationship, even when he was deployed in Afghanistan during his military service. I have never ever seen a flower delivery like this, nor been treated like this by a florist, ever. This was a special, thoughtful gift that my husband wanted me to have. Something to brighten my day since he has been gone so long, and I am doing this pregnancy alone right now. Thanks for making our day awful, on top of what we were already dealing with.
Next time I'll go to Walmart and make my own arrangement, I know we will pay way less, and somehow Walmart employees are less abusive towards me.
And if this florist for some reason hates 1-800 Flowers because they take a cut of the money, then don't take it out on the customer, that gave you business. Seriously, that is beyond pathetic.
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